• Our Monthly Prize Draws

All Members' Prize

per month
This prize is for all members of Teacher Perks
5 winners every month
Each winning member receives £100
Drawn the first Monday of the month

Schools' Prize

per month
For schools with 10 or more members
1 winner every month
The winning school receives £500
Drawn the first Monday of the month

Our prize draws are subject to terms and conditions

Prize Draw FAQs

How does the members' prize draw work?
It's really simple. Just join Teacher Perks and we'll automatically enter you into the members' prize draw.
How does the schools' prize draw work?
Once 10 or more members of staff at your school join Teacher Perks, we'll automatically enter your school into the prize draw. Your school will then be automatically entered every month as long as 10 of your staff are still members.
How do I claim my prize?
We draw all prize winners in the first week of the month for the preceding month. If you are one of the lucky winners we’ll email you to let you know, and then send you a cheque through the post. All we ask is that you provide us with a sentence or two about winning the prize and a photo headshot so we can share your good news on this site.
How does my school claim its prize?
If your school is a lucky winner we’ll email the Head Teacher (or another member of the SMT) to let them know, and then send the cheque through the post. All we ask is that someone at the school gives us a sentence or two about winning the prize, a photo headshot, and your school logo so we can share your good news on this site.
Does it cost anything to enter?
It’s absolutely free to enter our prize draws. All you need to do to enter is join Teacher Perks and then encourage your colleagues to do the same. That means as well as gaining access to some incredible personal and educational perks, and given the opportunity to earn money through paid educational surveys, focus groups, and written work, we'll send you and your colleagues occasional, relevant educational emails from our education partners, if you give us consent.
What chances do I have of winning?
You’ve got a pretty good chance of winning, and better still, it doesn’t cost you anything. Our number crunching suggests you’ve got a broadly similar chance of winning £100 on the National Lottery for three numbers as you have of winning £1,000 for your school. Plus, you don’t pay a £2 entry fee like you'd need to enter the Lottery!
How do I enter?
Entry happens automatically. At the end of every month we take stock of all our members and draw five at random. Regarding the school prize, we firstly create a list of all schools with more than 10 members and draw one at random.
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